Bella Morte (adarkjewel) wrote in writtentributes,
Bella Morte

Buried In Burrywood by Lana Waite

This book is dedicated to the ten most wonderful weekends of my life. They were spent at the Cabrillo Suspense Writers’ Conference at Greenwood Lodge in the Santa Cruz mountains The speaker on my first night was Tony Hillerman.  You don’t get better than that.  In other years Robert Bloch (Psycho), Sara Ann Freed, Sue Grafton, Joan Kahn, Barbara Mertz (Elizabeth Peters), Marcia Muller, Bill Pronzini, Julie Smith, Donald Westlake, and many more spoke.  And between speakers, the talk was of writing—tips, techniques, and war stories. I thought I was in heaven. The charismatic organizer and director for these extraordinary shows was Dr. Timothy Welch. I am forever in his debt.
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